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When you buy a square, a MegaStar is inside!

Each square has a unique character inside. There are 100 characters to pick from. Which MegaStar will you buy?

#1 - Clint Morningwood

#2 - 80s Oprah

#3 - Snoop Doge

How to Play

You buy a Square
BONUS: A MegaStar is inside your square! Example: If you buy square #1, you now own the Clint Morningwood square! Squares are available for purchase on
You own that Square ALL season and beyond
It's like monopoly, you own that square. It's ALL yours. When that square wins, you get the prize. One week you could have 6-9 (nice!), the next week you could have 5-2 (woof!)
You can sell, buy or transfer your Square
At any point, you can turn around and sell your square. Since there are only 100, you might be able to sell it for more than you bought it for! Once you sell your square, you no longer have access to the game.
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