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The 1st EVER NFT Super Bowl Squares Game

Get into the biggest Squares game of the year.
The Super Bowl LVI - February 13, 2022 at 6:30pm EST

The Super Bowl Pot

It is the classic Super Bowl Squares Game, but with an NFT Twist. If your numbers hit at the end of each quarter of the Super Bowl, you can win win up to 5 ETH*!

1st Quarter: 1 ETH
2nd Quarter: 1 ETH

3rd Quarter: 1 ETH

FINAL Score: 2 ETH 🤑

*Pot subject to change based on % of squares sold. Prize shown is if 100% squares sell out.

How does it work?

Your MegaStar is your square. Each MegaStar has a Square # associated with it.

When you buy a Square, the MegaStar character lives inside! Ownership of a square gets you exclusive access to our games, contests and events!

The first game we offer for owners is Football Squares. Forget how it works?
Here's a refresher

This is only the beginning!

What happens when the Super Bowl ends? Are there more games?

YES! Of course. When the Big Game ends, we will have contests for March Madness, NBA All-Star weekend, The Masters, Kentucky Derby, Baseball and NEXT Football season! Heck, I think it may just go on forever!

Ownership of a MegaStar gets you exclusive access to these games!

A Community of 10,100

That's what this collection is all about. Community. Each MegaStar has 100 MegaFans.

What's a MegaFan?

A MegaFan is like having a fractional ownership in a MegaStar.  Every time your MegaStar wins, you WIN! There are only 100 available.  MegaFans have exclusive access to games, sweepstakes & events just like a MegaStar.

Which MegaStar will you own?

#1 - Clint Morningwood
#2 - 80s Oprah
#3 - Snoop Doge
#4 - Free Britney
#5 - Giving Gary
#6 - King James
#7 - Elon Musky
#8 - Justin Beaver
#9 - Neil Moonshine
#10 - Simone Smiles
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How do you play Football Squares?


Can you win really win money each week?


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